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Home-grown framework of multiple applications

Case SJ3K Framework

TIA has developed its own home-grown framework, the Case SJ3K, which allows for agile and robust development of multiple applications for the Justice, Security and Government sectors. It was released in 2010 and has grown to include over 3 million lines of code with over 3,000 users currently using it. The framework produces robust and stable products that are developed in JAVA and are 100% WEB based. The Case SJ3K framework evolves on par with programming languages and technological platforms, therefore keeping past development efforts relevant. As a by-product, it provides rigorous documentation of past efforts and is updated on a permanent basis. In addition, TIA has a specialized R&D area that continuously incorporates new, relevant components to the Framework. This allows our technological solutions to stay current, and end-users to stay ahead of the game.

Programming Languages

Application development in the following platforms: JAVA, .NET, PROGRESS, VISUAL-BASIC, DELPHI Databases: PROGRESS, INFORMIX, ORACLE, SQL-SERVER.

Framework Characteristics


Allows you to develop more projects given that it automatically generates the desired applications and provides the proper maintenance.

Fast and Agile

Accelerates production cycles and responds quickly to changes in the business environment.

JAVA code

The code is generated in JAVA, which allows the code to be modified, augmented, or edited like any other JAVA program.

Flexible, potent and simple

A framework that is robust, versatile, and simple to use.

Reasons why the SJ3K FRAMEWORK is right for your development efforts:

  • Development that is simple, productive and effective.
  • Built with a solid mathematical foundation.
  • Minimal learning curve.
  • Evolves with technology so that it doesn’t become obsolete.
  • Lower maintenance cost and fast development time for the applications it creates.
  • Developed to encourage team work.
  • Development of high-level enterprise applications.
  • Allows for the integration of legacy systems.

System Screenshots


Case SJ3K works with pure knowledge, which allows it to perform several tasks: develop software, understand the knowledge that is inputted by the users (it does not require additional documentation), and operate automatically with this knowledge (integrating it with other sources, distributing it, providing licenses to third parties so that it can be integrated into their applications).