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Suite of specialized software and hardware applications

Our main offering is the Third Millennium Justice System (SJ3K), which is a group of software and hardware applications for the end-users of justice and security institutions. It integrates civil, criminal, and security data bases in order to provide timely access to relevant information, as well as the efficient management of information.

The SJ3K suite provides solutions for the following areas:

Public Security

Solutions for the registration and control of the different police and public safety agents, as well as the equipment under their care such as weapons and other security equipment. In addition, we offer solutions for the management of prisoners in preventive jails and potential delinquents through a complete biometric registry.

Justice Procurement

Provides direct support to agents of the Public Prosecution office, with tools that facilitate and provide all the elements necessary to develop preliminary investigations that are well founded in the justice framework, and that integrate the different areas of the Public Prosecution office and other justice agencies.

Law enformcement

Penitentiary Information Management System that operates in prisons (including juvenile correctional centers), and enables the proper management of the information generated by the inmate during the period of his or her sentence.

Readaptation and Social Reintegration

Supervision systems for inmates that have completed their sentence or that are under parole.

Criminal Intelligence

We provide smart CCTV systems and high-technology tactical equipment that is capable of intercepting of all kinds of communications. The “Datawarehouse” system provides larger coverage area and efficiency in investigation and criminal intelligence by identifying criminals as quickly as possible. This system is based on the concept of “massive information media searching”, linking civil, criminal and security data bases, and connecting different elements identified by powerful biometric engines. The I-Room System provides institutions with powerful tools that ensure accurate testimony and statements, trials and questionings, thus warranting the correct law enforcement and human rights protection.

Access Control

The Access Control system takes advantage of the full potential of biometric Access technologies, software, and hardware solutions that guarantee the security of any area within the facilities of an organization.

The SJ3K Suite includes, among others, the following specialized applications:

  1. 1. Human Resources Management Information System for various Police Agencies
  2. 2. Police Training Management System and E-learning
  3. 3. Tactical information Management System
  4. 4. Internal Affairs Case Management System
  5. 5. Professional Career Service Management System
  6. 6. Security Elements Evaluation System C3 (Confidence Control Center)
  7. 7. Weapons Management System
  8. 8. Asset Management System
  9. 9. Computer Assisted Dispatch System (CAD)
  10. 10. Post-Prison record System
  11. 11. Preliminary investigations case management system
  12. 12. Public Hearing Information and Management System
  13. 13. Chain of Custody Evidence Management system
  14. 14. Bail and Confiscation Control System
  15. 15. Oral Trials legal management system
  16. 16. Arrest warrant management system
  17. 17. Transparency Information system
  18. 18. "One stop shop" system
  19. 19. Internet Crime Complaint System
  20. 20. Visitor Control Software System - Access Control to Government buildings
  21. 21. Legal Management System
  22. 22. Automated Criminal Intelligence Information System
  23. 23. Case Management System
  24. 24. Social Media and Internet Search and Investigation System (ICS IS)
  25. 25. War-Room
  26. 26. Criminal Background Check System
  27. 27. Police evaluation Centers System
  28. 28. Juvenile Justice Case Management System
  29. 29. Alternative Justice system
  30. 30. New Criminal Justice System